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The meter you have offered as an «opt-out» is not an opt-out meter because your “opt-out” meter carries and imposes most of the same hazards and harm as your standard electronic utility meter (see numbered list below). Your use of the term “opt-out” represents intentional deception (Criminal Fraud) and is therefore violation of 18 U.S. Code, Sec. 1341, Frauds and Swindles calling for fines and 20 years imprisonment and, separately, represents Extortion prohibited by Hobbs Act, 18 U.S. Code 1951 (b)(2) also calling for fines and 20 years imprisonment. Those violations also cause automatic obligation of major civil penalties and liabilities against you and in the favor of anyone who is offered an “Opt-Out” program or contract for your violation of the above Codes and 4th Am. BOR, U.S. Constitution.

The term “opt-out”, to be true and accurate in reference to utility meters, must represent that you are offering to provide a safe and lawful Electromechanical Meter:

  1. Containing no internal electronic components.

  2. Containing no harmful, hazardous, invasive or unlawful components such as radio frequency radiation emitters and/or transmitters which may not, by FCC regulations, be installed on any private property without consent of the property owner.

  3. Containing no switch mode power supplies or other devices which steal electricity from utility customers and cause damage to appliances and electronic devices, and which emit wasteful and biologically harmful transients (“dirty electricity”) on customer wiring circuits causing electric fields to penetrate living spaces.

  4. Containing no surveillance devices and recording no surveillance data without written consent of property owners and occupants.

  5. With and including necessary surge protection devices/s as is required in utility meters to protect the safety and property of property owners and occupants from anticipated high-voltage grid line surges which commonly result in fires and electric shock damage to appliances, wiring and occupants.

You are an executive in the utility industry and therefore you cannot claim ignorance of the above violations, therefore you are knowingly committing Fraud and Extortion by demanding fees and offering a so-called «opt-out» program or contract which, in fact, does not provide opt-out of the hazards and harm represented by electronic utility metering as listed above.

Deceptive word games using the term “opt-out” do not change the fact that electronic metering is unsafe, unlawful, hazardous and damaging to health, safety and property values, and that you, by your Fraud, Extortion, misrepresentations and trespass are personally liable for criminal prosecution, civil penalties and all damages related to that hazard and harm for all time during which any electronic utility meter is present on our property and installed in wiring circuits serving our location.


If you wish to avoid major civil penalties, claims and criminal prosecution, you must, within 7 days of this delivery, provide a safe and lawful electromechanical utility meter at no additional cost, fee or penalty to our account/s. Failure to provide such service and equipment timely is confession to, demonstration of, and admission of your Criminal Fraud, Trespass, Violation of Easement, and Extortion as represented above. You may not refuse service or charge fees for complying with our request for safe and lawful metering. By your failure or refusal to provide safe and lawful electromechanical utility metering within 7 days of this delivery you accept all liabilities, obligations, fees and claims as we may choose to submit, and you offer to pay all related claim/s and comply with all of our presented terms without contest or delay.


The safe and lawful electromechanical utility meter you must provide to avoid liabilities is less expensive than an electronic meter and it requires no computer infrastructure, therefore no additional charges are justified or permissible. We are still paying for on-site meter reading as we have always done so no additional charges are allowable for on-site reading of the meter. It is clear that any customer with an electromechanical meter should receive, if anything, discounted service, and not be subject to any additional charges. Your company has no privilege, authority or entitlement to gather personal data of living habits inside our home in violation of law by your collection of “time-of-use” data on usage of our electric appliances, devices and equipment nor do we grant any such privilege or authority to you or your company. Your failure to timely rebut all points herein with fact, law and evidence represent your acceptance of those terms. Agent correspondence have no effect on this instrument. Any point rebutted herein with prevailing fact, law or evidence shall not diminish the effect of any other point herein.

Notice to agent is notice to principal and notice to principal is notice to agent.