Training in Primal Personal Constellations

Training in Primal Personal Constellations (in group)

A New Holistic Scenario: Primal Personal Constellations (group therapy)

A single Primal Personal Constellation may be worth 5 to 10 Primal sessions and a minimum of 20-30 psychoanalysis sessions.
It not only produces inner deep healing, but it serves as a mapping of the inner broken dialogues and pain within the individual.

The «Knowing Field» in Family Constellations oriented to healing our personal life, from early childhood through adulthood.

The designer of the Family Constellations approach, Bert Hellinger, did Primal therapy with Arthur Janov in the 1970´s.
What he discovered years later, working with the «knowing field», changed the way we deal with feelings and trauma forever.
The phenomenological approach have shown us that not all feelings we experience are ours, but some deep ones are rooted
in unresolved experiences of of our family history, as far as 5 to 7 generations back.
This is the main reason why Primal therapy seems to be so long and difficult with some individuals.
Primal therapy can only heal pains and traumas that belong to the life of the individual, but can not heal those unresolved experiences that belong to his/her ancestors, which can only be healed through the right systemic family therapy.

The application of the Primal «Personal Constellation» methodology not only shortens significantly the process of Primal therapy, but is a powerful bridge between the most conventional psychologies and the modern trans-personal psychotherapies.

Many of the psychological problems that often require years of individual therapy, can be solved «almost magically» experiencing this powerful «act».

After 2 years training workshops in Spanish, we want to offer this amazing approach to English Sistemic Family Constellations Facilitators and Deep Feeling Primal therapists.
It is probably the most revolutionary and holistic approach since Janov´s Primal Scream discovery.
(All Workshops are Money Back Guarantee)
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2019 Summer Training in the Canary Islands:
(English & Spanish spoken)

Angel Alvarez has been a Primal therapist for almost 30 years and a Family Constellations facilitator from a Primal perspective since 2003.

Angel Primal

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