galfond challenge: 'actionfreak

0. Galfond called half pot in a three-bet pot on the flop, bringing a board of ActionFreak checked the ultra-coordinated texture and Galfond potted for €11,229. Im Vergleich zu den anderen Challenges (100/200 PLO), spielen beide mit €150/€300 die höchsten Limits. The rivers were Another ugly situation unfolded for Galfond when ActionFreak three-bet and barreled off With around 400 hands remaining, ActionFreak three-bet and bet €1,781 on the Needing to rally, ActionFreak did get a lucky scoop after they got in a raising war on With the finish line in sight, Galfond could have folded to the win as he did in his match with "Venividi1993." In der Kategorie “As seen on TV” warten im neuen Jahr Brandon Adams und Bill Perkins auf Phil “OMGClayAiken” Galfond. ActionFreak shoved for the last €16,988. Soon, Galfond was up almost two buy-ins. Protection & Hosting by Galfond-Challenge: Der nächste Contender ist “ActionFreak” "As for the future of the challenges, Galfond said he isn't sure when they'll resume as he plans to return to the U.S. for the time being. He stacked Galfond by check-raising with nut flush draw and a gutter, hitting his flush and potting turn and river.

Galfond staged a late rally to salvage some of his losses. Galfond raised to €14,145. This heads-up PLO series, the third overall, will take place at €150/€300 stakes for only 15,000 hands.

Genauso lange hatte der Grieche also Zeit, das Minus von €237.803,51 aufzuholen. The board became even more connected on the That's right about where things still sat after 580 hands, but Galfond went on another end-of-session heater. In der letzten Session der Galfond Challenge waren noch 881 Hände zu spielen zwischen Phil Galfond und Ioannis "ActionFreak" Kontonatsios. He was fading Galfond's profit was fairly short-lived, though. In der letzten Session der Galfond Challenge waren noch 881 Hände zu spielen zwischen Phil Galfond und Ioannis „ActionFreak“ Kontonatsios.

He three-bet it preflop and was called, then his continuation-bet of €2,915 was met with a call on ActionFreak needed help with top two and diamonds against a straight, but the Galfond again got lucky when ActionFreak got a check-raise in for nearly all of his chips holding top set on the turn. He three-bet preflop and then bet flop and potted turn on With almost €27K in the middle, ActionFreak piled for Galfond's €20,593. After a preflop four-bet by ActionFreak, stacks went in on When they took a break after a little more than an hour, ActionFreak was up an estimated €50K.Action was fairly slow for awhile, but an unusual hand cropped up three hours into the stream. Die Kategorie, die dem Namensgeber und RunItOnce-PLO-Coach am wichtigsten ist, bleibt allerdings verwaist: Nach dem überraschenden Rückzug von Fernando “JNandez” Habegger, hat sich noch niemand im “Clash of the Coaches” gestellt.Um es sich und anderen zu erleichtern – und vielleicht auch mit Blick auf die Schwierigkeiten, die immer individuellen Modalitäten auszuhandeln, ohne die Anwärter zu verschrecken (siehe Habegger), hat Galfond es beim Duell mit “ActionFreak” Kontonatsios simpel gehalten: Beide spielen nur 15.000 Hände gegenüber den anvisierten 50.000. He called a raise and the players went to the turn for free on ActionFreak won enough of the other pots that they went to the first break with Galfond only up small. Damit ist der Grieche neben “VeniVidi1993” und Dan “Jungleman” Cates der dritte Spieler in dieser Kategorie und der einzige, gegen den Phil Galfond mit einer 1:1-Quote spielt. Galfond Challenge: Next up ActionFreak, five days a week - Phil Galfond will take on ActionFreak in the next installment of the Galfond Challenge over at Run It Once Poker.

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