john laws ballina

The radio great described his wife as his greatest confidant and said he “loved her the moment he saw her.” John and Caroline met when they were teenagers and married in 1976. You all know zombie’s movies funny hay. Or Townsville 16000 at a boxing match. Self professed gold. But get my gist. And a mother and father besides themselfs. Listen to her voice compassion. Some might not like the add but you know what???? Regardless of what state they are in. At the time John told The Australian Women’s Weekly, ‘I loved her the moment I saw her’.

Sadly missed by his loving wife, daughter, sons, brother Michael, sisters Hilary, Pamela and Maureen, in-laws, grandchildren, nephews, nieces, … Watch that demonic showdown. Clive what would you do with the money??

Look it up guys and fight for there rights. Freedoms. Good on mag for being strong to handle backlash trolling which would hurt her regardless. Need to get to the bottom of chain of command failure so it doesn’t happen again. To keep our freedoms we must enforce our freedoms. Go on dan go on dan ….. Nicole one thing I have learnt. ?Yes nurses wouldn’t want me on the floor. But we laugh at that should I say ring social services right now. The 45 … My heart felt sorrow for your loss.

It’s not a given depending on resources.Don’t worry glitter mile think of all the schoolies I’m saving from the toolies.

Original story: A 20-year old man is trapped in a car after a crash in East Ballina this afternoon. All the hysteria and fear mongering about QLDers catching covid from people from NSW resulted in the death of a baby.And WHY – this is about saving life’s and we have done a great job in our great state protecting Queenslanders Heath and our economy100 billion in debt, and rising. Ok the rights of childern. Absolutely shame on our government. You would think a mother new born just given birth would be a very low risk of transmission. Think how many had the ultimate sacrifice of freedoms taken off them in death for the freedoms we abuse to day. At the moment more cases in SE Qld than in Northern NSW, but Gladys hasn’t closed the border to us. You will never understand ever what this mother and family and husband is feeling…………… Cause if you did this would never off happened. How can they go to war on a global scale and stand there and save us from a nuclear one. Sending emergency services to communities in need. We need more info, but it seems it was a terrible bureaucratic bungle. It’s design to take out weekness in human kind.Maybe some more accurate reporting needed.The mother was never denied access,there was never a request for an exemption .It clearly stated all emergency vehicles ambulances care flights do not need one and all emergency patients don’t need an exemption to cross the border.It was on the advice of the mothers Doctor in NSW that they went to Sydney not the QLD CMO or Premier . The woman, aged in her early 20s, was treated by paramedics who were called to the beach just after 9.30am today, NSW Ambulance said. She’s like the angel and devil on yo back.When it is an emergency I thought it was the nearest hospital who could tend to the patients needs, even if that hospital is in Queensland, It is duty of care of a life who cares about border closures, I am sure measures could of been taken for everyone to be protected…It is but one hospital asks a second one to accept a patient (transfer flight) they have to agree and organise flight / prepare for the arrival.

And a Qld premiere shuts it down by saying !! My. It wasn’t C virus time. And plenty of others you know people’s that most gp. Thanks other jurno I get to meet others that might actually ask the questions we do need to hear and move on with……. They met as teenagers in Sydney in 1951 before reuniting 20 years later and marrying in 1976.

Look at all the other waves of discovery they are finding out by finding out how to combat the virus.

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