what is jon faine doing now

And so the idea that someone has been in the job like this for 23 years is, quite frankly, hilarious.”On Friday, Faine will farewell listeners after more than two decades hosting his popular mornings timeslot – a much longer period of time than the “decent” four or five year stint he asked for when returning to ABC Radio in 1997. I don’t apologise for that.

I remember one occasion when I The then news editor, Mark Coulton, complained to the editor of Is our job to report what people say or to search for the truth? "And on that night, that emergency broadcast, it didn't save everyone but we did our best. At times I thought he was doing terrible things. I'll just sit here and drink my tea," Kennett said. Keeping up with the Kardashians to end after season 20Plans afoot to pull WA nurses out of Melbourne after 'traumatic and concerning' COVID-19 infection “I won’t miss that for one blink of an eye. The concept of ‘due impartiality’ ensures that proper regard is given to the circumstances of the particular content.Even the toughest journalist, with the most scar tissue, flinches at any accusation of bias.

How?Has HE received the detailed reasons for the finding to authentically inform such an appeal against the findings?Did the committee thoroughly document its investigative and decision-making process?Is there in fact a detailed set of reasons on record?What is actually stopping the ABC from publishing it if it exists?Does Faine need the support of his managers to exercise any right of appeal (if he indeed has one) or is the process more independent and at arm’s length from the management chain of command. A close reading of the guidelines seems to indicate that the process is intimately bound up with management decision making processes and not more akin to an openly fair “legal” process.I am sure you are aware there is considerable controversy swirling around the Faine findings.At one level, detailed analysis of those findings in company with the actual broadcast interviews set against the relevant sections of the public Editorial Guidelines and the detailed reasons for the negative findings awaits.One crucial element in that mosaic is missing. If we ever forget that, we're lost, because live radio is the best bullshit detector ever invented. Faine … Despite that inviting title, it was not easy to get through even to her. ABC Melbourne broadcaster Jon Faine has announced his retirement. This farewell, of course, will be different – the veteran broadcaster hasn't been sacked. I don’t agree with everything that Nick Ross writes in his columns. But he did gun [reform], the GST, the intervention in Timor-Leste.“I called him out on a few things, particularly the Iraq War. My mechanic – who is a genius – replaced the wrong part and my old car still stalled at the lights and needed to be fixed twice. But on the eve of his retirement, the veteran radio presenter has revealed he hasn't always gotten away with it. With Jon Faine retiring, 3AW's Neil Mitchell bids farewell to his rival of 23 years standing. Or lack of impartiality and balance in their reporting and analysis. I fought that view, and won.In Canberra I was aggressive in press conferences, and back in Sydney I was aggressive too. "We made a promise to the bushfire communities that we would not just descend upon them, grab their stories, use it as media fodder and then move on," he said.

"Apparently you must be psychic and you know me better than I know myself," Edward fired back.When Faine asked how Edward differed from self-styled religious gurus, the frustrated psychic refused to answer.By the time we got to that point of the interview I'd pretty much made my mind up.My job was to stress-test him, put him under pressure and see if he could stand up to it — he couldn't.Faine fought back tears as he paid tribute to Ms Meagher — an ABC colleague — the day after her body was discovered and the killer was arrested. I hardly slept.When you're in the studio, the red light's on, you're performing a role … and people are depending on you.And then eventually you wind down and it hits you what's been going on.Faine also hosted The Conversation Hour, a segment where guests discuss their lives and careers. That response will be included in our close analysis.

The ABC is playing word games to avoid answering Peter’s questions and has not reported this story at any time on any of its platforms except Here is today’s email from Peter to the ABC Director of Corporate Affairs, Michael Millett, in reply to a stonewall response to Peter’s questions. Others on the #abc730 hashtag were more pungent and clearly did not perceive “due impartiality” in Sales from their perspective.Let me be clear.

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